Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ways to wear a flower or two

Yuki bought us a flower accessory each. How sweet.

We are going to show the different ways to wear a flower accessory or two. This can be purchased from accessory shops like Diva or Accesorize. Ours are from Forever 21. Try to get ones with a safety pin and clip at the back. It's more versatile that way. 

Pin up on side of your top.

Or gather the bottom of your big tee and pin it to make your top look more fitting and less sloppy.

Another obvious way is to clip up to the side of your hair. 

Or add a one to your bun.

Get a pair of flowers and clip them to your shoes. It's a great way to inject fun to your boring pair of black shoes.

Or nudes. 

Attach one to your bracelet.

Or bag. 

Isn't it versatile? A great way to jazz up any outfit. How do you wear yours?

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