Monday, 23 July 2012

Day 1 – A picture of me + 10 facts about me


This is me and lets get the ten facts rolling.

One - I am obsessed with makeup. Especially with eyeliners and lipsticks. Should I do my makeup collection in my next post?

Two - I love to eat, especially Japanese. I love garlic rice from Shin Kushiya. The bestest!! I can eat it on its own, so yummy. Otherwise you can find me eating at Sakae at least once a week.

Three - I enjoy cooking and sometimes baking. Even if they are straight out of the box.

Four - I love drinking Starbucks while reading/studying/looking at boys. Wahaha.

Five - I'm slowly collecting Starbucks tumblers.

Six - I can't live without music. It helps me get through the day faster. Right now I am listening to Big Bang on repeat. I'm going to their concert soon!!

Seven - Seven is my favourite number.

Eight - iPad is my bestie. I call mine, Nichkhun. Hehehe. 
Pictures credit to rightful owners.

Nine - I am always never happy with my hair colour. I colour and bleach far too often. 

Ten - I am messy. Picture deliberately not posted.

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