Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Inglot Haul

I went to Inglot store in Johore Bahru maybe two weeks ago. Inglot just recently opened a store at City Square. It is actually pretty easy to get to City Square Mall. I live in the East so I had to take a bus, train and then bus again just to get to JB. I then had to walk abit to get to the mall.

I only bought four items and got the under makeup base little pack for free. I also got a free makeup bag which I gave to my cousin because we combined our purchases and hit RM300. 

This is a gel eyeliner in grey or #78. I love the texture and it glides on so smoothly. It is very "wet" compared to M.A.C or Bobbi Brown. I read reviews that when you put it on you have to be quick and careful because it dries up so fast. Not for me because within a few seconds after I put it on I had smudges all over my eyes. Not cool. So I had to do an awkward position with my eyes while letting it dry. 

This is the same gel eyeliner but in turquoise or #87. I love using this on my lower lash line. These gel eyeliners are by far the best purchase from Inglot and I'm planning to collect them all in different colours. 

This pigment I got in metallic grey or #49 is awesome. The pigment in the jar is full to the brim, it's worth the money. I want to collect pigments now! Ahhh. The colour is so pretty.  

Lastly, I got myself a silver eyeliner to put on my bottom lash line. I am currently obsessed lining my bottom lash line if you could tell. It's a lot faster to dress up my eyes in the mornings. Heheh. 

Swatches will be posted soon. 

Overall, I was quite pleased with my first purchase. My main intention was to get a 10 colour eyeshadow palette but was a bit disappointed with some of the pigmentation and too overwhelmed with the choice of colours, I just could not decide. Second trip, maybe once I've done enough research on which colors to get. The one thing I might never ever get from Inglot - lipsticks. Arghhh lipsticks are my weakness but I just hate the scent of Inglot's lipsticks. They remind me of cupcakes dolls I used to play when I was younger. Other than that, I love. I want to collect their gel eyeliners and pigments. I want to try their concealer, I read they are good. I want to own a palette. With square eyeshadows. I'm crazy I know. I wish there's one here in Singapore just so I don't have to travel all the way to JB.  

Have you tried Inglot?

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