Saturday, 28 January 2012

Skindinavia Haul

My box has arrived!! I ordered Skindinavia products on 10th January 2011. It took almost three weeks since it has to be shipped internationally. 

If you have not heard, sells a range of makeup setting or finishing sprays for different skin types. They are available in different three different sizes so if you are interested you can purchase the smallest one, to try out. They have coupon codes which include free shipping on United States and international orders. I'm not sure if the coupon codes are fixed. Please check them out first before purchasing. The coupon codes can be used with a minimum purchase order. If you think it is too much but still want to try them out, you might want to pool your order with friends to enjoy this deal.  

I don't have anyone to pool my order with, since my friends are not as adventurous as me. Since I've heard and read good reviews on them online, I don't mind trying different types. 

I ended up getting the Professional Makeup Artist Kit which includes 1 8oz No More Shine Makeup Finish, 1 8oz Original Makeup Finishing Spray, 1 8oz 10 Years Younger Makeup Finish. I also bought 1 2oz Original Makeup Finishing Spray just to make up the minimum order. The smaller bottle is also good for me when I travel.  

I will do a review once I've tried them enough. Do come back and check it out. 

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