Thursday, 26 January 2012

Review: Arezia Diamond Liquid Eyeliners

I discovered Arezia Diamond Liquid Eyeliners sometime last year. I got them from one of the Sasa stores here in Singapore. I'm not too sure if they have it online. You may want to check them out. They have a number of colors. This is my second time purchasing them. 

The first time I picked out black and green which are not in picture. They were by far the best colors out of the whole lot. These four colors are not too bad. They are non-messy too.

How I apply them: 
Just line on my lower lashline alone or right after rimming my lower lashline with a black kohl liner. It adds glamour instantly but not too overpowering. I usually wear them to work, since it is lesser work than putting colored eyeshadow in the mornings. 

*A liquid eyeliner has a shelf life of about 2-6 months so if your liquid eyeliner smells funny or if your eyes hurt after putting it on, its time to get a new one.

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