Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Good to the last swipe

I read somewhere where this girl, a makeup fanatic just like me talking about products that are good to the last swipe. It simply means products that's used till the very last bit. I thought it's good to share mine. These ten products are the ones that I use frequently and have repurchased a number of times. They are my all time favorite, the ones that I usually reach for. I could say they are ones that I could not live without.

OK. Enough explanation. Ready? Set. Go!

Product #1 NARS Orgasm blush

As you can see, I’ve already hit pan. I love it so so much. It is one of the best blushes out there. I love love love love love love it. 
Product #2 Silky Girl black eye liner

I am a heavy eyeliner user so I don’t splurge on high end eyeliners. Even UD and M.A.C liners are too pricey for me though I am dying to try their feline. 
Silky Girl mascaras are really bad quality BUT their eyeliners are the best I’ve ever tried. Even my friends agree with me on this one. I had probably purchased at least twenty of it. It’s retractable so sharpening is not needed, making morning makeup routine a lil easier. It is as black as you can get and blue is pretty too. The blue makes the eyes appear whiter. If blue is too bold a color, then mix it with black to make it more wearable. 
Product #3 M.A.C Angel lipstick

I'm on my fourth. I still use it when I’m donning a crazy dark eye look. It gives the lips the most nicest, slightly nudey, pinkish color. Some nudey-pinky lipsticks can look very drying but this gives a smooth finish. 
Product #4 M.A.C Chatterbox lipstick

This may be too loud for some of you but just dab it slightly on lips and you will get a hint of pink. Apply it generously and you will get a more amplified version. It’s great when you are rushing in the morning and do not have the time to do your eyes. Bare or natural eye look would make the lips the bigger statement. Trust me, it will look as if you had put in a lot of effort.
Product #5 Marjolica Marjoca eyeshadow

Very affordable and good basic colors. They brighten up the eyes instantly. Effortless. 
Product #6 Sephora Mattifying Foundation

I've been using Sephora mattifying foundation for the longest time. I prefer the pressed powder but my color is always out of stock. I can never switch powder brand. I've tried MAC, Dior, NARS, Clinique to name a few. Sephora is still my number one. 
Product #7 M.A.C Zoom lash

I am probably the only person who enjoy the wetness and thickness of the consistency. I like how it gives me the blackest lashes. The wetness does not bother me at all. No smudges underneath the eyes even. 
Product #8 M.A.C Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink

I put this on religiously before putting on lipstick or gloss. It helps my lip color stay on smoothly for the longest time. 
Product #9 M.A.C eyeshadow in Espresso

Sometimes I use this on my lids, line my bottom lashline with a blue or green eyeliner and a bit of mascara then I'm good to go. But Espresso is mainly used to fill in my sparse brows. 
Product #10 D&G Light Blue

This is rather “Good to the Last Drop” product. It’s my all time favorite perfume. The bottle is okay looking, nothing fancy but the scent is beautifully clean and sensual. Take a whiff. Get a mini bottle if you are keen to try. I'm pretty sure you will love it.

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