Saturday, 4 February 2012

Octa Hotel

My friend, Fai and I went to grab a bite last night. A place that sells yummy food with great ambience, has a little merchandise corner that sells pretty cups and saucers, anything Eiffel Tower, lovely jewellery all at once. 

Anyways, we had the best sandwiches ever! Well, at least for me. I've been here three times already. Not counting those times I went just to purchase their merchandise. 

Octa Hotel. A small cafe for light meals and afternoon tea. Ladies will appreciate the pleasing interior filled with lovely furniture and dainty teapots.

We sat by the window, people watching while chomping on our sandwiches. 

I had the salmon sandwich. Not sure what it's called on the menu.

Generously filled with salmon, avocados, spiced cheese and greens. Chips at the side. 

Fai had the omelette sandwich. Again, I have no idea what it's called on the menu. Sorry!  

Her sandwich was overloaded with fluffy eggs, cheese, tomatoes and greens. Also, served with chips. 

Both sandwiches were served separately on these cute wooden baskets/trays thing lined with doilies.

The sandwiches were really filling for both of us so we might need to share the next time we pop by. I tried the hot chocolate on my first visit and it was quite yummy. The only downfall is the price. I paid S$33 for the sandwiches!! I guess it's ok to have it once in a while. 

Yummy but expensive. Share a sandwich if you are curious to try. Or just drop by and see their little shopping corner. It's a good gift store.

9 Raffles Boulevard
Parco @ Marina Bay
Singapore 039596

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