Monday, 15 October 2012

Top Three: Blushes

Im really into blushes these days and I thought it would be great to share my top three favourites.

Drumroll please.

NARS Orgasm

Orgasm is frequently talked about especially in the beauty community. When I first got it, I was like OH MY! How pretty! I love the gold flecks that gleam just slightly. It's never too much for me. I use this quite a lot in the day actually. A bit more expensive as I can only get them online but it's worth every penny. Please excuse the state. I have to get a back up soon.

BECCA Beach Tint

Sniffffff. Ahhh. This stuff smells a-ma-zing! I don't know what it is but it slightly fruity. Thank you Ra for introducing me to this fantabulous blush. It's actually a tint for cheeks and lips but I prefer it just for my cheeks. I do set the tint by gently swiping it over with a powdered blush for longer staying power. I don't bother touching up because it lasts like the whole day. Really. And I only use a teeny weeny bit.

TOPSHOP Cream Blush in Neon Rose

My first cream blush and I love it. I'm such a sucker for packages like this.

Does not look as scary when I put it on. Too bad they no longer have it at the store the last time I checked. Not too sure if it is discontinued.

Please note that I only swatched these for your eyes only. They might look super loud before blending.

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